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Hear the Dragon Roar!

Posted by Tee Ee Gee on

NINE Dragons, a new realm yet to be discovered?

The NINE Dragon finally makes it's debut! 

nine dragons
Photo by YoYoFactory

With the much anticipated release of the 9 Dragons by Yoyofactory on the 14th of May (Saturday), it is hard to blame one for the amount of excitement he or she expresses. The 9 Dragons, a revolutionary design based off the original 'hubstack' concept cleverly thought of by Yoyofactory, makes use of the same three-bearing design which enables the thrower to grab hold of a spinning yoyo through the introduction of parts that spin independently from the yoyo. Unlike the original hubstacks which created a large amount of hype through models such as the 888, the 9 Dragons spots two plastic halves encasing the whole yoyo. This essentially renders the whole catch zone as a free spinning component, allowing the thrower to grab onto the whole yoyo without worrying about it screeching to a halt. With this, Yoyofactory's design team has made a huge step into uncharted territories as previously similar released such as the afore mentioned 888 as well as the G5 connected hubstacks to the hubs of the yoyo. 

video by : Andrew Hulterstrom 

This release of the 9 Dragons will come in 5 amazing colour combinations, all of which can be found in 28 spin's online store.

video by YoYoFactory

This is exciting news to yoyo-ers around the world as the unique features of the 9 Dragons unlock new possibilities when it comes to trick development. Ben from Yoyofactory is so confident, in fact, that he has announced a new division appropriately named 9A which will allow players to make full use of the 9 Dragons' design to create one-of-a-kind tricks. The first competition said to have included 9A will be at California States. 

nine dragons
Photo by YoYoFactory

The tricks hidden under Yoyofactory's sleeves to make the 9 Dragons a possibility are displayed in the picture above. As mentioned, it includes three bearings that will allow the two plastic shells to move independently from the yoyo itself. A long axle holds everything together while spacers act as a bearing seat for the centre bearing. While this may look complicated to make, it sure is a easy yoyo to experiment with. 

Besides the potential of being a high performance yoyo, the 9 Dragons also allows easier teaching of tricks. We all know that part of teaching someone a cool trick when you have to stop the yoyo just to show them which string the yoyo is supposed to land on. After which, the thrower would have to rewind the string, and try to get back onto that complicated mount. With the 9 Dragons, you can just simply grab the yoyo and reposition it however you like, and it'll still have enough spin to complete any trick.



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