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Horizon Ultra


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In 2016 YoYoFactory experimented with a new material. known as 7068 it is stronger than steel and an exciting to craft into yoyos allowing unique performance opportunities and a new feel for players. Our first yoyo in this material, the SPACE CROWN ULTRA turned out amazing. For the Sopphmore 7068 release we turned to one of our most beloved yo-yos the HORIZON.

HORIZON ULTRA takes advantage of the size and shape of Horizon with refinements in weighting and taking opportunities in the strength of the material a lighter more powerful yoyo has been created. The Signature fingerspin bowl has been tweaked to give a center point for those looking for static finger spins and to offer a unique look to the HORIZON ULTRA.

Horizon ULTRA continues to be represented in the world by Mexican Yo-Yo MASTER Paul Kerbel and his HORIZON TEAM with a special mention of Thai Wiz kid Polo Garbkamol who gets a player edition in this release.



Weight (g) 64
Bearing Size C Size
Bearing Type Center Trac Bearing
Body Shape V-Shape
Diameter (mm) 59
Material Aluminimum
Response CBC Pad (Slim) Large Bearing
Style 1A, 3A, 5A
Width (mm) 42.6

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