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YoYoJam is a leading manufacturer of yo-yos. Products are proudly made in the United States and are distributed worldwide. As the sport of yo-yoing started to grow in the early 2000s, the demand for better yo-yos came into play. YoYoJam is know for revolutionizing the yo-yo world with precision balanced and uniquely constructed yo-yos. Since 1999, YoYoJam has been The Choice of Champions.

In a friendly bet to make just a “better balanced and longer spinning yo-yo”, Dale Bell ended up taking yo-yos to a whole new level. Bell’s ideas to perfect the balance of each yo-yo, add rim weight, and use larger bearings opened many doors for yo-yo players. These techniques have influenced every competitive yo-yo company out there today.

Now, YoYoJam continues to innovate products with the help of the best and most creative yo-yo players in the world.

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