FreeRider 2 – 28spin
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FreeRider 2

AnY Happy Yo-Yo

  • RM330.00

If you are looking for a yo-yo that has the same spec with a Freehand Zero and also an MG which performs awesome 5A styles running on a pad response + Aluminum yo-yo.

This is a Must have.

  • Hi precision manufacturing
  • Long spin
  • Sand blasted surface
  • Special laser engraving (design of classic airplane body impression)
  • 3 colors (BLACK / GREEN / PURPLE) - Purple - Black - Green
  • polycarbonate cap*2
  • Cap paper of two designs*2
  • Thumb grind groove
  • AnYPad setting
  • Acryl case


Weight (g) 73.0000
Bearing Size Ball Bearing
Bearing Type YYJ/YYF Large (.250 x .500 x .187 in)
Body Shape No
Diameter (mm) No
Material Aluminium
Response AnY Pad
Style 1A, 3A, 5A
Width (mm) No

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