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Glow Mod (4pcs)

Glow Mod

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Glow Mod the new Glow Stick Mod developed in Canada. These Glow Mod Sticks are made to fit perfectly in the groove of the CLYW Chief & Arctic Circles, which give your yo-yo extra attention especially in the dark and during performances. They can glow up to 48 hours. The Glow Mod Sticks also fits in many other yo-yos, as long as they have an inner flat area under the rim to be positioned and also there are extra plastic tubes acts as "extenders" that can be used to attached tightly on the yo-yos. Examples : DV888, YEAH3, Supernova 2012, etc Do Note that, placing Glow Mod sticks may induce vibration in other yo-yo (other then CLYW Chief & Arctic Circle) but it is usually at a very minimal and depending on the placement of the glow sticks. Glow Mod Stick specifications are 4.5mm in Diameter and 37mm in length.

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