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Homegrown - Grapevine Complete

Sweets Kendama

  • RM400.00

Homegrown “Grapevine” Spectraply Ken topped with a full Spectraply Tama. Layers of dyed and laminated birch create the spectrum of colors seen once the Ken and Tama are turned.

Homegrown products are manufactured with care by a precision woodworking facility in our home state of Minnesota. Purchasing this Homegrown Kendama plants a tree through our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

Comes w/ an extra string, bead, stickers, Homegrown grain print bandana and a collectible Sweets Kendamas X Arbor Day Foundation pin.

**Due to the layered/laminated nature of Spectraply, it is not quite as durable as most of the hardwoods we use and won’t hold up as well with strong impacts. Use extra caution when playing with a Spectraply Kendama. We will not offer any returns or exchanges on products that have been used. Please inspect your Kendama carefully for manufacture defects before playing.**

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