JetSet – 28spin
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sOMEThING by YoYoAddict has been working very hard bringing you the latest releases (Superfly & Angle). Now stepping up the game comes the 4A (Offstring) yo-yo. It’s the off stringer’s dream yo-yo, with a well balanced rim weighted & center weighted it’s a regen trick power house. Also not forgetting the inner konkave which is just wide enough for a finger grind and also being build this wait it enhanced the H-profile feel of an offspring yo-yo and this really makes super difficult regens so easily. The Delrin body makes it very durable and build to last since offspring yo-yos tend to fall n hit the floor very often. It uses a C-size bearing & pad response for your info. This yo-yo was tested by Legendary 4A Players : Tsubasa Onishi and Kenji Eto!



Weight (g) 78.0000
Bearing Size C size (Large)
Bearing Type YoYoAddict Bearing
Body Shape No
Diameter (mm) 75.5
Material Celcon (Duracon) + Allunimum Ring
Response K-Pads (slim)
Style 4A
Width (mm) 56.5

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