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Features of Rera, the effective width of two-stage reverse step shape was spread, to the utmost limit. Engaged in the highest degree of accuracy and technology of extreme off-string tricks. Rera is equipped with a performance grant all of them. Rera body shape of two-stage reverse step.

The special plastic that is also used in Kamui, impact resistance high low coefficient of friction. At the time of regeneration and binds will pick up all the strings with eyes full width of the body, and led me up bearing a string rather than sleep loss. Design of the central part of the step up, when do the trick, such as grind, we will continue pursuing the angle and width with high accuracy up to big players of the hand from the children, more than any person from bearing a long time. Weight, 75.0g 74.6g of close to "AQUARIUS" yo-yo string off the name of the machine has been loved all over the world.

Also the burden to the small finger, is an important factor for the win. Competitions often in diameter, 2mm larger than Kamui, be held on the stage of a black background, is also excellent visibility of the judges and spectators. It is best to influence the ease of use, more than anything, and response. In addition to the parts have already been set, the following parts are attached as a spare. - (For adjusting the gap) Co 1 O-ring - (0.8mm) one washer


Weight (g) 75.0000
Bearing Size C size (Large)
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Body Shape No
Diameter (mm) 82
Material Delrin (ce
Response YoYoJoker Silicone Pads
Style 4A
Width (mm) 59.20 - 62.30mm (Adjustable)

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