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 The yoyo itself is a beautiful ABS plastic marketed as a "Premium" plastic yoyo. This comes from how it is made - Magicyoyo has machined each yoyo's hub area after injection. A more labor intensive and costly process - but the yoyo looks absolutely seamless and smooth because of it.

If you look at the cup area - the yoyo itself is designed for current generation of "fingerspin" style tricks. Another benefit of machining after injection is we can get this secondary cup super smooth. The large "Primary Finger Spin Cup" will catch your finger easily, then guide you to the small "Secondary Finger Spin Cup" locking it in place. Pictures do not do it justice, try it yourself and you will realize this is one of the best yoyos for this style of trick currently manufactured -  regardless of price or material.


Weight (g) 66.5
Bearing Size C Size
Bearing Type Center Trac
Body Shape Butterfly
Diameter (mm) 67
Material ABS Plastic
LuftPAD (Made available by Luftverk Titanium Supply Co.)
Style 1A, 3A, 5A
Width (mm) 63

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